There was a lot of thinking involved in figuring out how to approach the tag team titles in this match, with a few different directions being considered. One discarded scenario was that Doc would somehow convince/provoke LGN or their warden into putting up the tag team titles in this match, but the payoff of that situation didn’t really work in the long term projection of where the comic is going. After talking it over and bouncing ideas off of Dan Schneider (artist for the back-up story in HEAT Volume 1, available now) we came up with what you just read, which plants some seeds for later on while providing a reminder that the tag team titles A) exist and B) are desireable. So the opposite of how WWE treats their tag team titles, basically. You’ll have to keep reading to find out what exactly this altercation might lead to, though.

On Wednesday: Umberto Hulka reveals the finals of the Super Max Challenge Cup Tournament!