I kind of forgot about this page, but art-wise I’m very proud of it, pretty much all-around. I think the punches were referenced from photos of hockey fights, since simultaneous wrestling punches tend to look kind of stupid as static images (since they’re mostly foot-stamping and no-selling), which is actually something that I’ve noticed while drawing this comic. Good worked punches look great in motion, but really goofy in pictures, so for the most part HEAT wrestlers throw pretty typical comic book punches since they look more natural as still images.

Also, if the Cody Rhodes-loving contingent on my Twitter timeline reads this, they’re probably losing their shit over the Rhodes-inspired face protector that Vinny is wearing to protect his busted nose, although it turned out to look more like a traditional sports noseguard than Rhodes’ super villain mask.

On Wednesday: The punching leads to more punching. And some kicking. General mayhem, really.