This page is brought to you in part by British Bulldog powerslam videos on YouTube, which I used several of to get the necessary references for the Johnny Law powerslam on Dos. This page is also my favourite one since the Fatty Bomb… which actually wasn’t that long ago, although it feels like months and months since I drew it. Actually it probably has been at least two months since I drew it… anyway, I like this page is my point.

I’m looking forward to my school semester being over so that I have time to draw Grunts (aka super secret side project) AND HEAT at roughly the same pace again, as right now all of HEAT Vol. 2 is written, but I still have a ton of pages left to draw, because this match is loooooong. I mean, it’s an 8 man elimination tag team match, so I suppose that’s normal, but still, very long.

On Saturday: This time it’s definitely all over, says Johnny Law. Because obviously he’s a reliable source on those sorts of things.