I forgot that the page going up today was number 200, because apparently I don’t understand how “counting” works. I’ve been doing sketches for people who donated to the Food Bank all day as part of Happy Harbor Comics’ Free Comic Book Day celebration, which reminds me I’ve had a HEAT-related drawing from last year’s FCBD sitting on my hard drive forever that I should get around to posting.

I’d like to thank all of you for reading this thing for 200 pages, and for however many more pages it ends up going (hint: a lot). The updates have slowed down because of my paid project (it’s a war comic called Grunts which I’ll be able to talk about more soon), but I’m still plugging away at new HEAT pages and hopefully I’ll have the mammoth that is volume 2 ready for Calgary Expo 2013, if not earlier.

On Saturday: Dick the Bastard has a bad back. Nothing an angry fat man does helps that situation.