This is the first comic of the new update schedule! Comics will now be posted on Monday nights, probably during WWE RAW, both for the novelty of posting during RAW as well as the fact that I’m typically home and on the computer while it’s on. So it’s official: HEAT updates on Mondays now.

This was the first HEAT comic I’d drawn in over a month because I was finishing the second volume of my upcoming digital series, Grunts. It’s a good thing I finished when I did, since I had exactly one page remaining in my queue at that point. The paneling in this page, particularly the black gutters, is pretty reminiscent of Grunts, as it took a bit of an adjustment period to get back to the style of HEAT. Turns out drawing fat guys falling down doesn’t require an adjustment period, though, as it’s the natural state of comedy.

Next Monday: Fat guys falling down is the comedic gift that keeps on giving. It’s a good thing Uno likes to jump off of things, or we might be denied that hilarity.