Actually, based on the “Gangnam Style” music video, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people got hurt in the process.

The Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend was a success, and welcome to all of the folks who are here as a result of the bookmarks I was handing out. Incidentally, apparently most con-goers are not aware of back drop drivers, because most of them had to turn the bookmark around a few times to figure out where the bottom was. Clearly popular culture needs more head drops to properly educate con-goers.

The second-last panel’s entire description was, effectively, “strong style hulk-up.” I much prefer the way that Japanese wrestling handles wrestlers “powering up” in response to taking damage, where guys still sell being injured but get surges of adrenaline that allow them to hit a big moves before having to recover their strength to deliver another blow. I think it works a lot better within the dramatic formula of wrestling than the WWE style, which is “I am hulking up and will now ignore all of the damage I have sustained up until this point.”

This week will also be the first time I’ve drawn more HEAT pages since mid-September, since I just finished a thing for Chikara that I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about.

Next Week: Cheating, facial injuries, and The Blorg does his best indignant Jim Ross impression.