It might have helped if he had looked up FASTER, though. This page involved watching the Prince Devitt flip dive on a loop for a while while doing gesture drawings to figure out how it should look. I don’t think I’ve done that since Johnny Law’s over-the-shoulder British Bulldog powerslam way back in the Super Max Challenge Final, which was like 120-ish pages ago.

In other news, I just finished drawing Hockeypocalypse #7, which is the first period of Season 3. That one should be on comiXology some time in April, I think. The print release will be as part of the Season 3 TPB sometime in the fall.

And if you’re going to Tsurucon in Red Deer, you should come buy some books, because I’ll be in the artist alley! This will be my first con in Red Deer, and my first anime-themed con. Testing new markets, whee!

Next Week: He would have read the manual but it was in Spanish. Read it now on Patreon!