This page exists because around the time I was writing it, I really wanted to draw an O’Conner roll. I don’t know why, but sometimes I just get a move or a spot stuck in my head and really, really want to draw it into the comic. Although I suppose impulses like that are why I’m doing this comic in the first place… at any rate, O’Connor rolls are fun to draw.

Speaking of things that were fun, I’ve been learning to colour more efficiently lately, and I did what I think is a pretty cool HEAT piece for the Patreon folks. You can check out cool bonus stuff like that, as well as get some sweet rewards, for as little as $1 a month! And for those of you interested in HEAT Volume 2 becoming available? Patreon is something you should check out.

Next Week: A lot of Spanish Gibberish. A lot. Check it out now on Patreon!