POWERBOOOOOMB! Powerbombs are really fun to draw. The way the recipient’s body stacks up on itself during the move can be difficult, though, which is also a problem with roll-ups.

Speaking of powerbombs, Seth Rollins is back in WWE, which is exciting. Until AJ Styles’ title program, there wasn’t anyone in the main event picture that was delivering to the level that Rollins had been before his knee exploded.

Incidentally, Seth Rollins had a way worse version of the knee injury that I suffered (he also tore his MCL) and is going to wrestle professionally six months later. I tore my ACL and after four months of physiotherapy my knee MOSTLY works again, and I don’t really need it to do anything particularly stressful. Rollins is going to do Phoenix splashes. Wrestlers are fucking maniacs, you guys.

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