Sometimes I come up with really complicated spots that seem easy to draw in my head, because I’m an idiot. Relatedly, this took a long time to draw.

Unrelatedly, I watched SummerSlam and NXT Takeover, and they were both pretty entertaining. TIME FOR SOME HOT TAEKZ*

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*temperature of taekz not guaranteed

  • WWE shows do not need to be LONGER. Nope. Nope nope nope. 4 hours plus a 2 hour pre-show? AND an over-run? SummerSlam 2030 is going to be four days long, isn’t it?
  • I think Kevin Owens was conducting a scientific experiment to determine the least amount of effort he could put into a bump before it stopped being classified as a bump. He wasn’t far off from just lying down after a punch.
  • I seem to be the outlier in the reviews I’ve seen, but I did not like the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte match. Aside from the parts where Sasha nearly got herself crippled, the structure and story of the match just didn’t work. It felt like they were just doing spots. Contrasted with the Bayley/Asuka match, it makes me wonder if maybe we should be talking about Bayley as the top woman in WWE.
  • AJ Styles vs. John Cena was fucking bonkers. Loved it. I also hope they do something with Cena leaving his “Never Give Up” band in the ring. That was a wonderful moment of vulnerability from a character who doesn’t show much of it, so I hope they capitalize on that.
  • Explaining why Gallows and Anderson were wearing lab coats and carrying eggs in jars to a group of people who don’t watch RAW was pretty difficult.
  • Rollins vs. Balor wasn’t as good as I was expecting it to be. I’ve noticed that I consistently rate Balor’s big matches lower than others, so I think something about his work just doesn’t connect with me.
  • I really like Rollins’ neon-vomit coloured gear, even though it’s hideous.
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton being a car wreck and ending in a blood stoppage TKO was simultaneously really jarring and kind of awesome. The unique finish, however unplanned it may have been, really gave the impression of having seen an important fight.
  • Austin Aries’ heat seeker dive looks like it should kill everyone involved.
  • Bobby Roode has 15,000 people in the palm of his hand based solely on a theme song. NXT is weird. Never change, NXT.
  • The Revival always have brilliantly structured matches. I bit on several of the near falls in their tag title defence, but was shocked when Gargano tapped out. It’s so uncommon for a submission that isn’t somebody’s finisher to actually get a victory in WWE. It suited the story of the match perfectly, though, and made the Revival come off as greasy shits.
  • Nakamura vs. Joe fell into the same category as Rollins vs. Balor, although I wasn’t expecting as much out of it. The opening couple of minutes and the closing stretch were very good, but Joe’s control period was booooooooring. If I can get drawing done during a main event NXT match, it is not a very exciting match.
  • Asuka is a way more nuanced character than WWE usually presents, and I love it.
  • Bayley is the MVP of NXT, and I’m starting to think that the hype train that got behind Sasha Banks in 2015 picked the wrong half of last year’s Brooklyn show-stealer to champion as the best woman in WWE.