The universal language is kicking, which is a dialect of violence.

I’ve got the details sorted out, so here’s what’s up with HEAT: it’s going to be ending later this year, when this story arc wraps up. I’m guessing this last bit will be about 30 pages (I’m still writing, so that’s an estimate), so that’ll take us until around November. In the meantime, I’ll also be setting up my next year of comics, at least one of which will be a new webcomic. You’ll hear about those as I have more definitive information.

I appreciate those of you who enjoy the comic enough to donate to the Patreon page, and encourage the rest of you to throw a few bucks into the pot to help HEAT finish strong. The Patreon page will be sticking around once HEAT ends, but will shift its focus either to a new webcomic, or as a general page for my comics work.

Next Week: Another week, another match with some masked guys who are mad about stuff. Read it early on Patreon!