And 37 pages later, the creation of contest winner JJBar finally makes his first appearanace where he actually does something! He’ll be showing up more later, because the background information for him is too amusing to only use him once. Also, you aren’t seeing it wrong, Invincinator is actually substantially shorter than everyone else on the page.

This page was far and away the most complex to draw, because when I was writing the script I didn’t anticipate how complicated it would be to lay out the panels. I probably should have anticipated it, though, since the Vertebreaker (or at least the variant that Invincinator uses as his finishing move) is a fairly intricate move that requires a decent amount of space to make look good. It also didn’t occur to me that the front facelock/Manhattan drop combination would require a similar amount of space.  It did result in my favourite panel, though (the third panel, with the impact of the Manhattan drop).

On Wednesday: Ron drops some knowledge on Tim. And somebody gets dropped on their head.