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Now, onto the commentary for this episode. After drawing Bors Lund in my sketchbook I wanted to come up with something to do with him, which you’re reading the result of right now. It didn’t seem like there was nearly so much dialogue on this page until I actually had to fit it all into the layout, which I then had to try and keep visually interesting. Which nearly resulted in an aneurysm. And naturally, on a page packed with dialogue, my two favourite bits are visuals (the men’s room door sign and “anachronism!” light bulb).

We’re also ONE WEEK away from FORCE Pro Wrestling’s debut show in Morinville, Alberta. I’ll be there doing… whatever it is I’ll end up doing. Come say hi and pick up a HEAT book, which will be on sale at the merch table.

On Wednesday: HEAT 150! And Dick the Bastard is disappointed by Bors Lund’s lack of lizardy accent.