The vast majority of comic strips use exactly the same joke structure. We all know it: the last panel is the punchline, and all of the panels before that exist to build to the punchline. Those of you who also read my other comic, Rent-A-Thug, are probably already aware that I’m not particularly concerned with adhering to that formula. I try to include something some kind of joke on every page, even if it’s just something weird in the background. Simultaneously, I’m also trying to advance a plot, which can make putting a joke at the end of the page awkward. Which is why you’ll frequently be seeing the “punchline” showing up in the middle of the page instead of the end. Like this one.

Also, the headline of the dirt sheet might be the most horrifying thing that will ever appear in the comic. I don’t recommend thinking about it too hard. I know I sure haven’t.

Also, expect an early update on Saturday, since I’ll be at the Monster Pro Wrestling show that night.

On Saturday: The headbone’s connected to the neckbone. You should probably try to keep it that way.