My favourite part of this page (other than the phrase “sweet mother of balls”) is Dick’s use of the towel. Nobody likes swamp crotch, after all.

I managed to catch a fair bit of televised wrestling this week, which I shall now proceed to ramble about. Spoilers abound.

RAW guest hosts: I only started watching RAW regularly again in the last couple of months, and I don’t get what the point of the guest hosts is. Other than for them to pimp whatever new thing they’re doing. And hold waste-of-time cheesecake segments with the Divas, apparently.  It’s not like their “authority” is even required. They could just have a Jack Tunney-esque character (remember him?) who has authority but barey ever appears on TV.

TNA… I guess technically the action doesn’t stop if it doesn’t start in the first place. I caught the second half of Impact on Thursday, and was pretty disappointed with the lack of wrestling. As stupid as their storylines are, I’ve usually enjoyed TNA’s in-ring product quite a bit, but that requires them to actually have matches. In the hour I watched, Brian Kendrick and Kazarian had a short X Division tilt (which featured Taz being shocked and amazed by the finisher which Kazarian has been using for years, which amused me quite a bit), Mr. Anderson and Big Rob had a “match” that involved Anderson cutting a promo for like 10 minutes to build up a five second match, and Abyss fighting somebody to set up the return to the ring of Hogan and Flair, which I think is a terrible idea. Seriously, just go away, Hogan, and take the rest of the geriatric ward with you.

On Smackdown, Drew MacIntyre’s winning streak was broken. Which would be fine, if it was broken in a way which made sense and was meaningful. Losing to Kane (via a stomp to the face, of all things) fair and square in the middle of the ring in a non-title match seems completely pointless, other than to ruin his gimmick. Why not have him get to Money in the Bank, then lose. He can still claim he’s never been beaten, then feud with one of the other Money in the Bank match members who argue to the contrary. Have that build into him finally lose, possibly sa a result of his cheating backfiring, in a PPV title defence.

Wow, that was longer than I expected. On a less snarky note, I rewatched Wrestlemania X last night, and I forgot how fantastic of a match Bret Hart and Owen Hart had in the opening bout. Far better than Bret’s main event showdown with Yokozuna for the WWF title later in the show.

On Wednesday: More on dirt sheets.