Dick’s line in the third panel is possibly my favourite part of this page, and it was the only part that wasn’t in the script. He’s using one of those elastic exercise bands, which I’m not entirely sure they even make anymore, but they’re for muscle tone. Or at least that’s what I think they’re for, since I’ve never seen one used. Either way I needed a piece of exercise equipment that could plausibly break without causing a catastrophe.

Sharp-memoried readers may have noticed Doc patching up the ring in the background, which broke back on page 6.

In non-HEAT related news, I started drawing the second issue of my print series, Hell, Inc. last night. The first page is almost finished. I’m planning on alternating pages of Hell, Inc. and HEAT for the next little while, since I’ve got a pretty good buffer built up for HEAT. The variety is nice, too.

On Saturday: What’s a dirt sheet?