Bonus update time! Mad Doc Crockett and Ragnar Rasmussen are back for another Classic Wrestling Moment. The other day I finished drawing #3, which will be the first one not to feature Doc and Ragnar.

Doc’s counter to Ragnar’s charge move was supposed to be a Mountain Bomb (which I couldn’t for the life of me remember while I was drawing this), but a couple of misplaced limbs and it turned into an Air Raid Crash. Check out the video below to see the Air Raid Crash in action, courtesy Alex Shelley. Which is probably a better move to end theĀ  match with, anyway. In another “during the pencils” change, the cage went from being the modern steel mesh cage to being a much more sci-fi energy cage. Because while PPW is very purposely on the low end of the tech scale, Galactic Wrestling is the big time. And the big time can afford to have a cage made out of energy beams.

Air Raid Crash

On Wednesday: Chapter 2 begins with an equipment malfunction.