I’m an idiot. I’ve spent the bulk of tonight (and technically this morning) working on HEAT stuff, and I forgot to post the comic. Seriously, I just finished page 110 and Vinny LaGrazo’s roster picture. Some sort of arting frenzy may need to happen.

I’m also getting ready to start production on the HEAT volume 1 print collection, my ambitions for which are very quickly outstripping my competence to achieve them. It’s going to include HEAT #1-93, Classic Wrestling Moments #1-7, bonus commentary, and I’m thinking a bonus match or two (which will almost certainly be drawn by people other than me). That’s a few months away at best, though. Relatedly, however, if any of you folks are book designers willing to work on the cheap, I may have a job for you.

On Saturday: Mad Doc Crockett tries to convince Dick to give up, but does he succeed?