Ron’s belly-to-belly suplex falls into the ever-expanding category of fairly simple moves that are pretty hard to draw. A recent addition to that list, as my night owl Twitter followers may be aware of, is the Mexican arm drag that will be appearing on page 119, which I’m about to go ink. The cut to Doc and Dick in the locker room in the second panel started off as just visual variety, but I’ve actually ended up cutting back and forth between the locker room and the ring in the last few pages I’ve drawn, so this page serves to establish that a bit.

Also, scroll down to check out my review of the PWA 10th Anniversary Show, which featured TNA grapplers and 23 time World Tag Team Champions, the Dudley Boyz. Er, I mean Bully Ray and D’Von. Also, Lance motherfucking Storm. If that’s not his legal middle name, it should be. I took a bunch of pictures at the show, so this review’s purdier than the usual wall o’ text.

On Saturday: An old friend returns. And by friend I mean a guy with a sparkly jacket and a bad haircut.