The title of this strip isn’t just true in the context of the comic, it’s also a sound piece of advice for you guys to carry forward in your everyday lives.

The first line in the script for this page may have been my favourite thing I’ve ever written, and it wasn’t even dialogue, just descriptive text telling myself what to draw. I ended up working part of it into the commentary, though, because every time I saw the phrase “brain injury” I started laughing. I’m a terrible person.

The first line of the script…

Taking advantage of Gangster having given himself a brain injury, Invincinator tags in Johnny Law.

I’m sure the NHL is reading that and taking notes on how to make light of concussions so they don’t have to put more than half of their asses into policing them.

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On Saturday: The floor has a brush with the Law. A really hard brush. More like a collision.