A draw? Uh oh! That leaves the current Super Max Challenge standings at: 6 pts Prison Asteroid 17E, 6 pts Prison Asteroid 56Q, and only 4 points for Prison Asteroid 32J. We’ve still got two more matches left in round 2, though, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens! Well, you will. I already know. Because I wrote it. Up next is Rod Black & Vinny LaGrazo (17E) vs. Wildman Harris & Pretty Boy Paul Meyers (56Q).

“Donk” might be my new favourite sound effect, especially since it’s a really innocuous seeming noise for a guy’s head getting smashed into a steel post and killing most of his thinky meats’ thinky power.

Blorg’s line about draws being ultimately disappointing is something I recently experienced while watching Ring of Honor: Final Battle 2009 on DVD, although I wrote that line beforehand. For those unaware, Final Battle ’09 features Tyler Black challenging Austin Aries for the ROH World Title in a main event a year in the making. Aries had beaten Black in a number one contender’s match at Final Battle 2008 and gone on to win the World Title while Black was sidelined with neck surgery. During the match, Aries slowly came to realize he couldn’t beat Black, so he started trying to get Black counted out. It didn’t work, so he started trying to get himself disqualified. That didn’t work either. Eventually, as the one hour time limit loomed over the match, Black hit Aries with everything he had… but it ended in a time limit draw.

Now, I don’t know how that storyline progressed after Final Battle, other than that at some point in 2010 Tyler Black did manage to capture the ROH Title before leaving to sign with WWE, but watching two guys try to kill each other for an hour only for there to be no payoff was disappointing.

On Wednesday: The phrase “rage shit” is used. Do you really need to know more than that?