This is one of those pages that features a relatively simple sequence wrestling-wise which turns out to be really hard to do in comic form. In retrospect it probably could have used a few more panels for the dropkick and shoulder tackle spots, but in all I think it turned out pretty well, particularly Vinny’s landing after the shoulder block. I’ve also gotten to the point that I can draw dropkicks without reference, which is nice, since when I started the comic, the dropkicks I drew without it looked like ass. Don’t believe me? Look at the double dropkick from the first Los Gordinflones Negros match.

I think I mentioned this earlier, but Vinny LaGrazo’s face protector is inspired by Cody Rhodes’ recent “undashing” gimmick and, far more obscurely, the face mask that Virgil wore at WrestleMania VIII in a godawful eight-man tag team match featuring the dregs of 1992’s midcard.

On Saturday: Tags are made. Smashing may or may not be the result.