Buster Pallas makes his first appearance. Well, at least his first appearance as a holographic projection from a futuristic cell phone. Buster will be showing up more later on, but for now I’ll mention that he’s heavily influenced visually by wrestlers from the ’70s. He’s definitely got some Bruno Sammartino on his build. Also, Dick’s flashback of Kong throwing him into a luxury pod looks better than when Kong actually threw him into a luxury pod. Turns out when you draw the same thing two years(ish? I’m too lazy to look it up) later, it looks better! How ’bout that?

Also, stop by the Renegade Arts Entertainment website tomorrow for a new episode of Jeff Martin’s The War of 1812, which is the first thing I’ve ever worked on that had my name in the title. I’m glad it was the publisher’s suggestion so I don’t have to seem like a self-absorbed ass.

Next Week: Dick doesn’t live in a prison anymore! He lives with a Princess. Not the prison kind.