Guess who remembered what day it was? Hint: me. Also, I am aware that knowing what day it is shouldn’t be considered an accomplishment, but for me these last few months, it is, so shut up.

I enjoy drawing Buster Pallas’ head. It’s huge but his face is all squashed into the bottom half. I have a drawing of him during his wrestling days kicking around in my sketchbook, I should post that at some point. I also hope I wrote down his tag team partner’s name, which I know I spent several days coming up with but now can’t remember at all. That happens more often than I’d like.

Next Week: Nobody will care what this one is about once they see the koala wearing a lucha mask, so I’m not even going to bother teasing it. Oh, and I’ll also talk about the Calgary Expo, which I will be appearing at. That should be pretty awesome.