In the script, the masked koala was referred to as “GW Agent.” I was initially going to draw the black guy I used as the check-in agent way back at the Gauntlet in Volume 1, but then for some reason I decided I was going to draw a koala in a lucha mask. So I did. As is often the case, his super-detailed mask doesn’t really translate when I re-size the comic for the web, but in the print version you’ll be able to get a good look at his sweet mask with leaves on it. You’ll also get a better look at the parking lot scene in the third panel, which features Generalissimo Lizardo getting out of his space sedan with his butler, as well as the Road Hoggs in the outer space equivalent of a douchebag rig rocket turned up to eleven. I don’t know if that even makes sense outside of Alberta.

I’ll be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo this weekend, at the Renegade Arts Entertainment booth (booth #422)! I’ll be there off and on throughout Saturday and Sunday, so stop by and say hi! And maybe get a signed Jeff Martin’s War of 1812 #1 strip. I’m told that might be a thing that’s happening.