The title of this one was one of those “well of course that’s going to be the title” situations. Because what else would the title of episode 316 be?

Actually, that reminds me of a story from being in elementary school at the beginning of the attitude era. In grade 6, if we went to the bathroom, we wrote our name on the board and the time that we went. I think it was to  make sure kids were coming back in reasonable amounts of time, or so the teacher could keep track of who had left. Anyway, at one point a friend of mine purposely waited until 3:16 PM to go to the bathroom JUST so he could write his name followed by 3:16 and have everyone see it. Growing up during that era was weird, in hindsight.

I think this was the first in my newest batch of strips, which I’m just wrapping up. One more, then it’s on to something different until after my convention season ends.

Next Week: Dusty continues to say “words” and this title match seems even less like a reward. You can check it out now by become a patron on Patreon!