After Edmonton Expo on the weekend and all of the tiredness/time-sensitive issues that needed dealing with as a result, I totally forgot that new comics go up on Monday. I guess ten hours of sleep over three days will do that. Although really, that was my own stupid fault for being some sort of nocturnal raccoon-person.

Also, hockey season has started, so my Twitter is going to consist largely of rage/glee regarding the Edmonton Oilers as well as what you’ve come to expect, which is rage/glee regarding wrestling. Mostly glee, lately, as I’ve been only very casually following WWE and instead been watching a lot of ’90s AJPW. If you enjoy this comic, you probably like wrestling, and if you like wrestling, you need to hit up YouTube or RudoReels and check out some ’90s AJPW. It’s fantastic. Next up on my DVD set will be Vader defending the Triple Crown against Misawa in the Tokyo Dome in 1999. It probably won’t live up to Misawa/Kawada in the Dome from ’98, as Vader/Taue wasn’t all that good, but it should be fun nevertheless. I’m also kind of interested in the fast approaching NOAH split and how that shakes things up. Match quality will probably take a hit, but it should still be cool to see.

Oh, and if you don’t like lariats, this match (and Japan) will not be for you. Smashmouth Smith’s move set is very much built around them.

Next Week: Counters upon counters upon being an asshole.