We’re on our way to Dick’s first match for Prison Pro Wrestling, as part of a gauntlet of wrestlers slated to face the Wooly Bully. And I mean gauntlet in the traditional sense, where one wrestler faces multiple opponents one at a time until he’s beaten or runs out of opponents. Not the TNA gauntlet which is pretty much just a Royal Rumble with less wrestlers in it.

The third panel was the most time-consuming to draw, but ended up being my favourite. I don’t know why, but adding the other guy in the background (who we’ll be seeing more of in the next couple of strips) gave it a really nice sense of being “lived-in”. Like it was an actual locker room as opposed to a thing designed for the purposes of the scene. Which it is. There’s also some nice “Doc explains how the wrestling industry in the comic’s universe works” stuff, which I’ve been consciously trying to avoid making into long-winded exposition. Although I might write it up and post it as it’s own page at some point in the future, if people want to know more about it.

On Saturday, Dick and the other guys in the gauntlet make their entrances to the PPW ring!