The pointy-haired fellow walking through the background of the first panel is reader JJ Bar’s creation, Invincinator. He won the trivia contest that started way back on the very first page, so he got to create his very own wrestler that would appear in the comic. And then the wrestler he created amused me so much that he’s been promoted to a semi-regular later on in the story. His next appearance will be page 38, I believe, unless he shows up in the background between now and then and I’ve forgotten about it.

My favourite part of this page is so small that I doubt anyone but me will even notice it. It’s the smeared blood on Dick’s face from his attempts to wipe it off. I also like how Ragnar Rasmussen headbutting Laredo in the background of the last panel turned out. We’ll be seeing Laredo again next week for Classic Wrestling Moments #3.

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