Early update! I’m going to the Prairie Wrestling Alliance show in Edmonton tonight, and the auto-update thing was jackassey last time I tried it, so I figured I’d just post the page earlier than usual.

So now we finally know what Dick the Bastard’s finisher is: Ragnar’s Revenge. Which is pretty much just a headbutt with his viking helmet. It doesn’t sound very impressive, considering some of the intricate, flashy finishers being used nowadays, but there was actually a fair bit of consideration put into it. The first drawing of Dick had him wearing a viking helmet (for no reason, really, the Ragnar Rasmussen/Mad Doc Crockett backstory came later), so naturally I figured he’d use that somehow as a weapon. The obvious solution was to make his finisher a headbutt, which I initially thought was kind of boring, until I realized how versatile it was. The typical form of Ragnar’s Revenge is basically what Dick does to Wooly Bully on page 26, which is kind of like a diving shoulder tackle, except that the impact is made with the helmet instead of the shoulder. But he can also do it off the top rope, either to a standing or prone enemy (which is, incidentally, what’s happening in the current site header). Or as a springboard move. Or as a counter to some moves. With all that variety, I could probably write a year’s worth of matches for the comic and never have Dick use it the same way twice.

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On Wednesday: Classic Wrestling Moment #3, featuring Laredo, Living Legend, and the Super Max Challenge.