Go go gadget transition page! In retrospect, I probably could have rewritten things so that I could eliminate it, but since I just thought of that now, like two months after I drew this page, that won’t be happening. Speaking of things I’ve drawn lately, HEAT page 42 and Classic Wrestling Moments #4 are now in the can. Well, more like on my “pages that are finished” shelf, but “in the can” sounds better. I like how, in the second last panel, the guard and the background are drawn in opposite perspectives. Whoo.

This weekend is the Calgary Entertainment Expo, which is, SHOCKINGLY, in Calgary. I’ll be heading down there with pitch packages to try and get me one of those “jobs’ in the “comics industry.” Kind of like what I do here, but with a pay cheque. Considering some of the schlock that gets greenlit, I’m cautiously optimistic about my chances. Relatedly, the next episode of HEAT will be going up on Friday, since I won’t be home on Saturday and don’t know whether or not I’ll have internet access.

On Friday: Prisons have Wardens. This one is also a wrestling booker. It’s an odd combination of professions.