This is a page that I wasn’t particularly excited about drawing, but I ended up having a lot of fun with it. I wasn’t so sure about the first half of this chapter, actually, in terms of whether or not the pace would work, but couldn’t come up with a snappier way to get all of the information out in an entertaining way (ie. not an infodump, which I’m not fond of).

Simpsons fans may notice that the Warden’s office is based on Mr. Burns’ office (which I think was, itself, based on the office from Citizen Kane). So if anyone asks I guess I can say that my lowbrow wrestling webcomic has influences from one of the grandest works in cinematic history. The polar bear in the corner was replaced with a statue of a wrestler, although it might have been funny to just leave it as a polar bear, but put tights on it. I hear the Bear Men of Ursa IV are excellent wrestlers. Although the rate of in-ring maulings skyrockets when they’re involved.

This early update is brought to you in part by the Calgary Entertainment Expo, which I’ll be attending this weekend. Really not excited about having to get up before 7 AM to hitch a ride with the artist of Zenescope’s series Merc, Dan Schneider, but the show will be awesome. I spent the better part of today putting together pitch packages for some of the publishers that are going to be there, so hopefully I’ll come out of  it with a comics job (or at least with valuable pitching experience).

On Wednesday: The Warden isn’t the kind of guy who does a lot of manual labour.