The first two panels have more brutal puns in them than I usually write into a month’s worth of comics. The Hart/Heart one was a spur-of-the-moment addition which turned into my favourite thing on the entire page. Well, that and the drawing of the Warden having a heart attack.

I posted the first edition of my “war journal” of experiences from the Calgary Comic con yesterday. I’ll be adding more to that over the next few days, and probably also doing one for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday.

In addition to being ripe with fun stories, CCEE also motivated me to work even harder at comicking. After taking Monday off to recover from the convention, I started work on HEAT again yesterday, and in a day and a half I’ve finished a page and a half (page 43 and the pencils for page 44). I think once I ink page 44 I might make a new header. A few readers have mentioned that scrolling down to see the entire comic is inconveneint (it’s a first world problem), so I’m going to tinker with designs for a new, smaller one. I’m also thinking about putting in a site background, but that’s nto really an immediate concern.

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday. I’ll be at Happy Harbor Comics V2 along with Daniel Schneider (artist for Zenescope’s Merc), Cigarro & Cerveja creator Tony Esteves, and local comic jammer Julie Duczynski. And maybe Stephanie Chan, who I’ll be working with on a project in the future. You should also pick up a copy of Libro Libre! #2, the second FCBD anthology by Edmonton comickers. I’ve got a 4 page Hell, Inc. story in there about harpies.

On Friday: Making their way to the ring… some very sparkly jackets with wrestlers inside them.