The script for this one had the Warden appearing personally in the training gym, then I decided to take his line about not wanting to do work a little farther and have him be too lazy to walk all the way there. It was also a good excuse to throw in some more sci-fi technology, which I haven’t done all that much up until this point. Later on, though… oh man. I’ve written a bunch of stuff in later on that I expect my future self will hate me for. For example, an orbiting space station arena with a huge video wall that wraps all the way around the inside of the arena. Which sounds awesome, and looks awesome in my head, and will make me want to kill somebody with a claw hammer when I have to draw it.

Also, 50 pages! Thanks to you guys for reading and commenting!

On Saturday: Classic Wrestling Moments #5, featuring Los Gordinflones Negros!