Oh god this page took forever to ink. And to try to figure out the perspective of the arena in the background. The second panel was easier to work out than the first in that respect. The first panel… I’m not sure why I thought that perspective was accurate; it was probably one of those “ARGH I’ve been trying to figure this out for three hours, it’s close enough” moments, but I can’t remember.

Los Gordinflones Negros’ tag team finisher, the Fatty Bomb, harkens back to the drawing in my sketchbook that became our favourite pot-bellied Luchadors. I should scan it, because it was the start of the process that eventually led to HEAT existing. That original drawing was of an unnamed wrestler whose design I ended up using as the baseline for the Fatties delivering a ridiculously over-the-top powerbomb to another unnamed wrestler.


Like the last contest, the winner of this one will get to have a wrestler of their creation show up later in the comic. This one will make you work a little harder, though. In each of the Classic Wrestling Moments thus far I’ve hidden a piece of real-world wrestling trivia. The first person to email jeff@rentathugcomics.com and correctly identify the hidden wrestling factoids in CWMs 2, 3, 4, and 5 (CWM 1 was the subject of the first contest) will be declared victorious! If nobody is able to identify all four, whoever gets the most will be the winner.

For your convenience, here are the four CWMs that are part of this contest:

Classic Wrestling Moments #2

Classic Wrestling Moments #3

Classic Wrestling Moments #4

Classic Wrestling Moments #5… you’re reading it right now.

On Wednesday: The Super Max Challenge opening round begins!