This page is full of hard things to draw, but it turned out pretty well and was a ton of fun. The bulldog was easily the most enjoyable panel to draw (and also the one that I think turned out the best), although the headlock and the elbow drop turned out nicely as well. Speaking of things that turned out nicely, I spent the last two days working on a new piece that’s going to be part of an illustration portfolio that I’m putting together because I need to makes me some money.

I just started drawing Classic Wrestling Moments #6, which features a young Mad Doc Crockett (well, technically it’s Doc. He has a different name and gimmick in this one). It also let me work on some of Galactic Wrestling’s stage designs, which has been fun so far, and a interesting challenge since it gives me the opportunity to go far beyond the fairly simple Prison Pro Wrestling set-up.

Contest! Enter it. At this point, 2 out of 4 correct would take the lead. I also realized that one of them has two acceptable correct answers, which makes it a little easier.

On Wednesday: The momentum swings yet again… or does it? Check back on Wednesday, because I can’t remember what happens on page 57!