This page reminded me that I need to post the Super Max Challenge Cup format somewhere. It’s too complicated to try to shoehorn into exposition, so I’m just going to write it up and add it to the Rules of the Ring section (it’s a drop-down under the About tab). I snuck a bunch of plug for comics drawn by my friends in the backgrounds on this page.

The Reader’s Guide to Things I Hid in This Comic:
1. Dr. Von Rudenstein from Rudi Gunther’s Dead//Life is in the crowd in panel 2.
2. Slightly to the right of Von Rudenstein is Dan Schneider’s character General Chatters. He’s a little harder to spot.
3. In panel 4, the banner in the crowd plugs Brad Glenn’s comic, Utility Belt.

But Jeff, you might ask, what’s the point of Easter Eggs if you immediately point them out? Well, hypothetical person… shut up, is what.

Oh, and since this is the first time in the comic that Dick actually gets entrance music (which you had no way of knowing because it totally didn’t matter so I didn’t point it out), here’s his theme music: “Overnight Sensation” by Motorhead.

On Saturday: And his opponent… Is a guy we’ve seen before, BUT WHO!?