Page 100! Well, technically page 93 was the 100th page, since there were 7 Classic Wrestling Moment comics, but this is the 100th page of the narrative, so it’s close enough. I also forgot about it, but the 1 Year Anniversary of the comic was two weeks ago.

The last panel in this page is easily amongst my favourite visual jokes in the entire series so far. Mad Doc Crockett had a fun one a couple of pages ago that was similarly dirty in tone.

The WWE Royal Rumble is tomorrow night, and I’ll be watching it live on Pay-Per-View with friends. The Royal Rumble drinking game will be in effect, so I assume somebody will either die or throw up on themselves, since there are 40 guys in the Rumble this year. Adjustments to the rules may need to be made for survival purposes. I’ll be writing another recap of the shenanigans in the blog, but I’m also going to attempt to live-tweet the proceedings on my twitter, @HEATcomic. Until I get too drunk to type on my phone, at least.

On Wednesday: Round 1, FIGHT!