This type of scene has become a little bit of a trend while writing book two of HEAT. And by “this type of scene” I mean the kind of scene that forms the emotional core in a lot of sports movies, the “do I still have it in me?” moments. Of course, HEAT being the comic it is, those moments are brief and typically result in somebody being told to nut up.

I’m not entirely sure how to show it visually in a way that wouldn’t just be confusing, but the thinking behind the pictures on the walls is that they’re like really big versions of those electronic photo frames that we have now. You know, the ones where you load pictures onto them and they cycle through the display? Yeah, they’re like that.

If you look carefully, you can see one of the participants in the next match in the background of panel 6. I don’t normally show matches that don’t feature main cast members, but due to the structure of the Super Max Challenge, it’s narratively useful to show all of the matches on the card (well, all of the ones that are involved in the tournament for the Cup, anyway). Which reminds me, I really should post the Super Max Challenge rules. They’re the kind of thing that are fairly self-evident if you can read the entire arc at once, but which will probably be less clear when reading one page every few days.

On Saturday: Show ’em how a super heavyweight does it.