Remember waaaay back when the comic first started and I had a contest to create a wrestler that would be used in the comic? Well Invincinator was the result of that contest. He first appeared back on page 28 in the background, and actually did something on page 37, but since then we haven’t really seen him. His creator, Jay, came up with a fun gimmick for him, though, so I wanted to use him more in a role where he actually got to talk. If you watched the WWF in 1999/2000 it might be familiar to you. He’ll be sticking around for a few more pages as he takes on Dr. Fat in Super Max Challenge first round action, and will be returning later on once we get to the tag team round. I should probably post the SMC rules to make that sentence make sense.

On Wednesday: Invincinator has some unflattering words for Dr. Fat. Not that it gets more unflattering than being named Dr. Fat.