Much like every other time a small guy mugs a big guy in a wrestling match, Paul Meyers gets kicked in the face for his trouble. Drawing this match was almost the complete opposite of drawing Rod Black vs. El Gangster II, which featured a lot of lucha libre-style moves that were all about motion and flow. This one is much more of a WWF big-man match from, like, 1990. One thing I didn’t really anticipate when I started HEAT was how different the approach to each match would end up being. Writing a fast-paced lucha-style match with a lot of high-flying spots is A LOT different than writing a match with two guys who want to establish significantly different paces.

Johnny Law seems to be kind of popular amongst you guys, which I’m a little surprised by, since he’s essentially an in-shape Big Bossman. Maybe that’s why? Either way, he’ll be around for the majority of the Super Max story.

On Wednesday: Johnny Law looks to polish off Paul Meyers, but he’s more resistant to polishing than one might expect. If that sentence made any sense to you, you get an internet high-five.