And with this strip, Chapter 8 is FINALLY finished. As opposed to the first year, which had 7 chapters, this year’s probably only going to have 3 really long ones. Like how Chapter 8 just ran, what, 37 pages? And naturally, it ends with Mad Doc Crockett looking fucking insane.

Weird fact: drawing a pin with the leg hooked is one of the hardest types of pin to draw. I’m sure if I thought about it I could nail down a competent artistic explanation for that, but I don’t really want to think that hard, so I’ll just leave it at “it’s hard to draw a pin with the leg hooked.” The O’Connor roll from the last match was actually a lot easier to draw, believe it or not. Also, the gaps between appearances of the ring announcer are just long enough that I never remember how to draw her.

The update that would be scheduled for Saturday, June 18th is going to be pushed to the following Wednesday due to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, where I’m probably not going to have reliable internet access to post it.

On Saturday: Classic Wrestling Moment #9, featuring Mad Doc Crockett and Bors Lund in Galactic Wrestling.