We saw Umberto Hulka briefly in the background of one panel earlier, but he wasn’t named or even really pointed out at that time, since his appearance was pretty much a throwaway visual so that there would be something on the monitor in the locker room. His name may also be the nerdiest non-wrestling joke thus far in the entire comic.

Story-wise, this page is sort of just a recap of the previous monster of a chapter and a tease of the next round’s matchups, which will likely form their own monster of a chapter. While not entirely necessary, I liked the nod to those little recap segments on wrestling TV and pay-per-view that they throw in as a buffer between matches sometimes.

The HEAT book made it’s debut last weekend in Calgary, and I’ll let you guys know once I sort out online sales and all that jazz.

On Wednesday: Round 2 begins with Johnny Law & Invincinator taking on El Gangster II & Dr. Fat.