I forgot to (or gave up on trying to, I can’t remember) wedge into the ring announcer’s speech that the matches in this round are worth four points. For other Super Max Challenge rules you may want a refresher on, the little standings thing in the sidebar now takes you straight to the rules page. Actually it’s done that for, like, a month, but now you know if you didn’t already. The matches in this round are a bit on the long side, compared to what I’ve done so far. I think this one is around the same length as the Dick & Ron vs. Los Gordinflones Negros from Chapter 5 (now available with special bonus commentary in HEAT: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling Volume 1 at Happy Harbor Comics), give or take a few pages. You totally want to go buy it.

On Saturday: The hoped-for start continues to be elusive for Johnny Law and Invincinator.