I included this page (and the previous page) in the portfolio I took to the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo to show publishers and pros in an attempt to get some paying work. Attempt being the key word there, since although my portfolio review meetings went fairly well, I don’t expect to be getting any calls back anytime soon. HEAT was pretty much directly responsible for the illustration work I’m doing right now with FORCE Pro Wrestling, though, so that’s pretty awesome. If you’re in Alberta and a wrestling fan, keep an eye out, because there’s a lot of cool stuff going to be announced about that promotion in the next little while.

The last time I remember drawing a dropkick was the double dropkick during the Dick/Ron vs. LGN match, which a quick site search confirms is, in fact, the last time I drew a dropkick. Since then I’ve picked up a few of the photo specials released by WWE magazine, which has solved their being a pain in the ass to draw. I think this one was referenced from an Eddie Guerrero photo.

On Wednesday: Invincinator see, Invincinator do. It’s probably not the gorilla press, though.