While it’s arguable whether or not brass knuckles qualify as brick-like, I think we can all agree that they have a similar level of “I’d rather not get hit in the head with that.” That’s right, that’s a level on which people think about things. In my imagination.

This page ended up being reeeeally hard to lay out, because the dialogue-to-space-in-which-I-can-fit-said-dialogue ratio was pretty terrible. Especially when I started laying it out and realized I needed a lot more panels than I had initially anticipated. The panels in the middle of the page took a lot of pondering to figure out how to get everyone in the shots who needed to be in the shots AND fit in all the crap they needed to say.

In other news, I started my Education after-degree program this week, which will result in me becoming a social studies teacher upon completion. This will only matter to you guys if my workload gets in the way of drawing updates. Which it might, because I start student teaching in November, so I have four months worth of course work crammed into two months before that. Oof.

On Wednesday: Things happen! Specifically, ring entrances and some jokes and stuff.