“The works” in the title is code for “Ron’s skull.” Also, I kind of hate using the word “skull” now that WWE commentary uses it incessantly while completely ignoring that synonyms exist for a reason. Seriously, I’m pretty sure they mention somebody getting hit in the skull in just about every match. It also gives some credence to the “unsafe work environment” bit when the response to being constantly smashed in the head is “walk it off, pussies.” Not that I’m complaining. Wrestling would be boring as shit if a thump to the dome resulted in missing weeks upon weeks of action like they do now in other sports. I’m looking at you, Sidney “I’m going to hold a press conference to tell people that I still have a concussion and that I have no updates as to when I’ll be back on the ice but the Canadian media is going to make a huge deal out of it anyway” Crosby. He has a long nickname.

Also, this is the first blood in quite a while, if I recall correctly. I try to approach blood a little bit more realistically in HEAT than it’s typically handled in wrestling, because being hit in the head with a solid object is typically going to lead to blood. On the other hand, I try to make sure I don’t go the TNA route and have guys getting busted open ten seconds into a three minute match.

On Saturday: Referees don’t notice things.