No, seriously, it’s like 50/50 whether or not Doc Crockett is about to murder Tim Van Patten on live pay-per-view. Except that I know what happens because I wrote it, and these pages were drawn over a month ago. Which is good since nowadays my time to draw HEAT pages is sadly limited by having actual real-life crap to do. Incidentally, next Saturday’s post will probably be done either from work or from my phone during the Real Canadian Wrestling show, which features Demolition. Yes, Ax and Smash. No, I don’t care that they’re probably in their 60s and can barely move, it’s going to be fucking awesome.

On Wednesday: We return to our regularly scheduled match while Doc Crockett stomps the piss and other fluids out of Tim Van Patten on the floor. They’re probably going to want to burn those mats later.