Original Title, before I realized I broke my “first strip of the chapter is the title of the chapter” thing: Speechus Inspiratus Interruptus.

BREAKING NEWS: Tonight (Saturday, November 19th, 2011) I will be appearing LIVE at Real Canadian Wrestling: Road to Redemption! Come say hi and pick up an autographed copy of HEAT Volume 1, then settle in for the amazing action of the Gladiator Cup tournament featuring 8 of RCW’s top stars, as well as a pair of tag team grudge matches!

With that out of the way, on to today’s comic, which features the rare combination of a fake-Latin title and a throwaway character I drew based on a girl I went on one date with because I thought her hair would be interesting to draw.

Speaking of throwaway characters, that’s what Invincinator was supposed to be when he first appeared as the result of the contest I ran in the early days of the comic, but I had so much fun writing his goofy┬ásuper heavyweight-in-his-own-mind gimmick that I kept coming up with more things to do with him. He does tend to be a pain in the ass to draw in matches, though, since I have to constantly adjust things due to his height (or lack thereof).

On Wednesday: Doc’s speechus inspiratus, sans interruptus. Language enthusiasts just died a little insde.