Yep, it’s time for HEAT #187, which is appropriate since Rod Black may have just been murdered by Invincinator’s vertebreaker.

The vertebreaker was, if I’m remembering correctly, initially pitched by Invincinator’s creator, contest winner Jay, as a joke finisher that would be teased a lot but would never actually be hit because he was too small. Upon consideration, I realized I’ve never seen anyone use the vertebreaker who wasn’t small, so Invincinator has ended up hitting it a couple of times over the course of the comic. He’s never hit his signature move, though, which writing this just reminded me of. It’s the big boot, except it only ever hits guys in the stomach/chest because he’s too short to hit their faces.

On Saturday: Can Rod Black kick out of Invincinator’s vertebreaker, or are his vertebrae too vertebroken? Will he be the first elimination in the Super Max Challenge Cup finals!?